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Assalamo alaykom wa rahmato Allahi wa barakatoh

Bismi Allah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem wa salato wa salamo aala saydina Mohammed wa aala alihi wa sahbihi ajmaeen,

We hope this email finds you in good health and firm iymaan, in shaa Allah.

The Board of Trustees of the Denver Islamic Society held a meeting on October 20th. A decision was adopted to extend the period to propose amendments and addenda to the Constitution until November 9th, 2019.

The decision to do so is based on the fact that only two members out of 178 registered members have voiced their opinion in writing as requested in an email communique dated July 26th. Also, the Board unanimously vote 5-0 that if no other member(s) submits suggestions and recommendations in writing by the November 9th deadline, no constitutional amendments would take place. Because inaction on the part of the majority registered members implies the community members are satisfied with the 2000 Constitution that DIS has been implementing to date.

With that in mind, the Board will interview members interested in forming and/or joining an Election Committee, which will put together rules for elections, accept nominations and verify nominees’ eligibility, and hold the actual elections. The BOT has a tentative date of November 30th to form the Election Committee.

As always, we, the members of the Board of Trustees, are here to serve you through open dialogue, cooperation, and transparency. Please feel free reach out to us via email or in person.

We ask Allah to build and strengthen bridges between our hearts, and accept our deeds.

Jazakom Allah khay’r

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