Denver Islamic Society

Welcome to one of Denver's busiest mosques.

2124 S. Birch St
Denver, CO 80222
Ph. (303) 759-1985

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The Denver Islamic Society (Masjid An Nur) is an Islamic center serving as a masjid and a gathering place for the Muslim community in Denver and the larger metropolitan area.


The Islamic Center consists of a three-story building providing a main musallah (prayer hall) and a private sisters’ musallah, a multipurpose meeting area, nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of second-floor classrooms, office space, and a library.


Jumuah (Friday) prayers are at 12:15 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. The sermons are in Arabic and English, respectively. Eid prayers and other special Islamic and cultural events/holidays are also held at the Denver Islamic Society. Nearly a thousand worshipers per week visit the Denver Islamic Society (Masjid Al-Noor).


Our major educational services are weekend classes for children at the Al Noor Academy of Denver. These classes teach the Qur’an, Arabic, and religious studies.


Social services include zakat and sadaqa (alms and charity) distribution as well as funeral services.


The Denver Islamic Society is blessed with the knowledge and guidance of several local leaders including  a resident imam as well as the services of countless volunteers, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees.


Learn more about our mosque, our religion, and our congregation in our frequently asked question section.