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Here is our list of Internet resources that you may find helpful.


The Holy Qur’an

The Qur’an Translation

• Qur’an – English
• Qur’an – French
• Qur’an – German
• Qur’an – Indonesian
• Qur’an – Somalian
• Qur’an – Urdu
•  Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Commentary of the Qur’an) – All 10 volumes
•  Tafsir Surat Al-Kahf (Ibn Kathir)
•  The Miracles of the Quran
• The Amazing Qur’an



• (individual surahs below)


•  Live Quran


Sites about Islam


A Window into Islam

This is Islam

Inspired by Muhammad

Arabic Online Course

A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam (eBook)

Islam in Focus (eBook)

The Status of Women in Islam (eBook)

• Islam: A Closer Look

Online Islamic Library

• Guide to mosques in Britain

• The Deen Show

Death and Janazah Prayer Guide

How to run Masjids in the West by M. Ahmadyar


Sites for New Muslims


The Complete New Muslim’s Guide

New Muslim’s Guide to Islam

The Basics of the Muslim Prayer

Guide to Islam for New Muslims

Advice from Other Converts

• Easy Guide for New Muslims



Guides for Learning to Pray


Step-by-step Guide to Salah (Part 1, Part 2)

How to Pray

Beginners Guide to Performing Islamic Prayers

The Right Way to Pray (text presentation)

• The Right Way to Pray (flash presentation)

The Prescribed Prayer Made Simple

• Salat Demo